Lynn grew up in Winona. Her parents owned a bar in town, so she has gotten to know a lot of people in the community over the years. People often come up to her and begin talking, and she remembers each of them by name. She was close to her parents, especially her dad who she often says she misses. Her parents both have passed away. Lynn has a younger sister who lives with her husband in Carnation, Washington. She does not see them often, but they keep in touch by phone and mail. She also has a cousin in town and she spends most holidays with him and his family.

Lynn is friendly, kind, and thoughtful. She lives with 3 other women in a Home and Community Options home and works in the laundry department at ORC – which she loves.

Lynn – Home & Community Options

When she’s not working, Lynn enjoys walking around her neighborhood and making daily stops at Kwik Trip for a soda and sometimes a treat. If the weather is not conducive to walking, Lynn likes to go to the movies with friends or out to eat and shop. She has a close friend that she likes walk to McDonalds with. They also enjoy visiting at each other’s home and could talk for hours with each other.

At home, Lynn likes to cook. Her specialties are meat loaf, beer cheese soup, and pizza. She is also very partial to Diet Coke and chocolate. She loves music, especially country, that she likes to sing along to.

Lynn is an avid fan of dogs. Owning a dog is too much for her nowadays, but she enjoys playing with other people’s dogs, which makes her laugh. When she watches television, she especially enjoys Hallmark Channel movies – preferably about dogs. Even her hobby of putting together jigsaw puzzles involves dogs. Dogs, or other cute animals, are her favorite puzzle themes.

Lynn loves Dalmatian dogs in particular. She had a Dalmatian named Alex when she was younger. She enjoys wearing clothes with dogs on them and has grown a large collection of Dalmatians. Most of her collection are stone figures of Dalmatians in various sizes, poses, and even themes that she has in a curio cabinet in her bedroom. She has a few stuffed ones which are larger that she puts on the top of her bed after she makes it each morning. There are a couple larger stone Dalmatians that do not fit in her curio cabinet she has sitting on the floor, using one of them as a doorstop. She estimates that she has over 100 Dalmatians in her room, and says, “I don’t think I need to buy any more Dalmatians!” but if you ask those who know her best – they will tell you she will collect more. Anyone who knows her can see how much she enjoys them, and how important they are to her.

Never one to sit around, Lynn says she likes to “run around” instead! Before the pandemic, she participated in various Compass activities. While she has continued to stay very active over the last year, she is looking forward to being able to do the things she used to do as the community continues to open up.

Lynn – Home & Community Options