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  • Celebrating Success

    Twelve months after the initial request, HCO staff, consumers, and stakeholders gathered to celebrate obtaining a new ICS license to provide services at Iverson Court. Early on in 2021, HCO became aware that because of changes made with Waiver Reimagine, residents at Iverson Court were at risk of losing their services under 245D with Home and Community Options.  These are the services that support individuals with skill building in areas such as money management, medical/healthcare, and learning about personal rights and responsibilities.  HCO’s Iverson Court has offered this type of service at the program site for the past 38 years, and the tenants that live there are reliant on these supports to keep them safe.  These services provide highly trained staff to teach skill building strategies that assist the tenants with reaching their highest levels of independence. The new regulation within Waiver Reimagine does not allow for people [...]

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