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  • Consumer Chronicle: Zach

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    Zach grew up on a farm in Lewiston until his family moved into town when he was 11 years old. On the farm, Zach tended to get into trouble - some little, and some pretty big. He climbed the windmill, was responsible for a few broken windows, and even got into an argument with a sheep buck - an argument he lost. In town, he lived across from the park where he played on the swings, rode his bike, and, after watching a movie called “Holes” about boys forced to dig holes in the desert, dug holes. The volleyball pit was perfect for hole-digging. However, unlike in the movie, Zach had to fill in the holes, too! Zach went to St. Charles High School where a para working with him got him interested in being the team manager for sports teams. Zach loves all sports, especially wrestling, football, [...]

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