Wikis > 2.21 Emergency-mode Operation Plan


Home and Community Options, Inc., has established procedures to safeguard the security of PHI during emergencies that impair normal security safeguards. The staff members responsible for creating and implementing these procedures are specified in greater detail in Home and Community Options, Inc.’s contingency plan.


Emergency-mode operating procedures are developed as part of the comprehensive contingency plan. These procedures safeguard the provider’s information resources and PHI during emergencies that disrupt normal security measures.

During an emergency that disrupts power supplies, Home and Community Options, Inc.’s information systems are shut down. Only the following are supported by back-up power supplies or alternative power sources:

  • Cloud based system
  • Cell based Hot Spots
  • HCO Maintains two portable generators for emergency back-up

During power disruptions, staff members maintain paper records of information that would ordinarily be recorded electronically. After restoration of power, electronic databases are updated from these paper records. When an emergency condition exposes components of the provider’s information system to theft or unauthorized removal, the Executive Director or a designated staff member is present to prevent loss of information or essential system components. A complete inventory of any damage to information system components is conducted after the emergency condition resolves.