Abby – Home & Community Options

Hi there! I’m Abby Litscher, the new Communication Coordinator at Home andCommunity Options. I currently live in Buffalo City and I find joy in spendingquality time with my family and friends. During the summer, you can catch meon the golf course or exploring new places. I also co-own a small online boutiquewith one of my best friends. My educational journey led me to Western TechnicalCollage in LaCrosse, where I studied graphic design. I then gained valuableexperience during my five-years at a graphics company in Fountain City beforemoving into the corporate world in Winona. I focused on marketing for thealmost two years that I was there. My path eventually brought me to HCO, whereI’ve discovered a sense of purpose and impact in my work.

My passion for making a difference traces back to my younger years, with a specialplace in my heart for individuals with disabilities. Growing up alongside a cousinwith Down Syndrome has been a source of inspiration. Joining HCO felt like anopportunity to connect with and positively impact people similar to him. In my firstmonth here, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many incredible individuals at HCO,and gaining a deep appreciation for working alongside them.

The dedication of the HCO staff to those we serve is truly remarkable, and I feelhonored to be part of this amazing agency. I can’t wait to see what the future holdsfor me here at HCO!