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On-Call Supervisors

Rhiannon Dungy, Amber Weaver, Arielle Dietz, Shelby Hoff, Kathy Hager, Harley Ewing (left to right)

We’re pleased to introduce the dedicated professionals on our 2024 On-Call Team. They provide vital support to our residential programs and semi-independent individuals, outside of traditional work hours (weekends and holidays). This thoughtfully designed system ensures ongoing care and helps our supervisors achieve a better work-life balance.  Our supervisors can disconnect from work and enjoy precious time with their families, knowing our individuals are in capable hands.

HCO’s On-Call system has been a part of the agency for more than five years. This system aims to reduce/eliminate unnecessary calls to Nursing, Maintenance, Management, and Supervisory Staff outside of regularly scheduled work hours.

Active from Friday afternoons to Monday mornings (and major holidays), the On-Call system primarily supports employees with emergent questions in our residential programs outside traditional work hours. It also helps semi-independent individuals living in our apartment complex and receiving services under ICS navigate issues that arise when regularly scheduled staff are unavailable.

The On-Call role has become coveted for many seasoned, level-three supervisors. Four individuals currently make up our monthly rotation (one person per week), and we have subs available to step into the rotation. On-Call Supervisors are responsible for taking agency questions and providing direction without entering program sites. They take all initial calls, referring higher-level medical questions or immediate maintenance issues to other departmental personnel when appropriate. On Monday mornings, they send out a summary of the calls they received over the weekend.

Since its creation, HCO’s On-Call system has been very effective. Individuals living on their own enjoy the security of someone to turn to, and staff in our residential programs working on weekends know they have additional support they can go to with questions. Our supervisors continue to share how much they appreciate the reduction of calls they must address during their off hours that the On-Call role handles. The system has enabled them to disengage from work and spend their time focusing on their families while knowing our individuals are in good hands, promoting a better work/life balance for our program supervisors.