Brittani Burt first got connected with HCO when she graduated from high school. She grew up in St. Charles, and started receiving support through one of HCO’s resource homes in 2004. In 2007, she moved to a HCO residential program.

Brittani currently works at DAC, where she does a variety of jobs like folding shirts and flags, putting stickers on boxes, and stapling decals. Outside of work, she likes to play on her iPad, watch TV, do cross-stitch, and exercise. She also enjoys visiting with her mom regularly. In 2021, she was able to travel to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and San Diego, California.

About three years ago, Suzie Horstman, Executive Director of HCO, asked Brittani if she would consider becoming a member of HCO’s Board of Directors. Brittani loves to be involved and likes to stay busy, so she thought that being on the Board would be a good fit.

Brittani says that she is passionate about the work that HCO does, and she likes to be a part of a group that is working for good things to happen to her friends and to the HCO staff. When they get new staff at her program, Brittani likes to help train them.

Brittani’s good work for HCO is all part of the fulfilling life she has created for herself. As an HCO Board Member, she is making a difference in people’s lives, which is something that makes her happy.