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In the fall of 2001, Fawna Pate embarked on a new journey: moving out on her own.

Just shy of turning 26 years old, Fawna had grown up living at home with her mom and sister.  Her sister was in the process of moving to Oregon, and for Fawna’s family, it seemed like the right time for Fawna to also take the next step of moving into a residential home.  With some time (and hard work on Fawna’s part), Fawna moved into her first home on October 24, 2001.  Fawna had previously been receiving support in her family home from Home and Community Options, so she was already comfortable working on building independent living skills with HCO staff, which she would continue to do at her new home.

In the first home that Fawna moved to, she lived with four other women.  For Fawna, this home was the perfect stepping stone.  Fawna would later move into the 1450 program, where she still lives today.  At 1450, her big bedroom is full of stuffed animals and pictures of her family, and there are various art projects she’s worked on hanging up on the walls.

When she was young and still living at home with family in the country, her mom, Joan, said she would just disappear on occasion.  When Joan would go look for her, she would find Fawna outside relaxing, taking in the air, and watching the scenery.  She loved to ride horses, and her family nickname is “Funster”.

Fawna loves anything and everything to do with singing and dancing.  Before the pandemic, she would be found most winter’s getting ready and geared up for HCO’s musical.  Fawna continues to enjoy the arts with the help of her staff and gets involved as often as possible when anything theatre related comes to the Winona area.

Fawna loves the “little” things in life and puts a smile on the face of every person she meets. On her days off from work, she can be found coloring pictures, cutting or ripping paper, painting, blowing bubbles, or just listening to music.

Fawna is living her best life and we are so thankful she is part of our HCO family.